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* You're pretty good at what you do - it's fair to say some of you are leaders in your field.

* That you put on a massive range of live entertainment in the UK; from club nights to festivals, theatre shows and nationwide stadium tours, sporting events and exhibitions.

* We work with many of you already and we've learnt a lot about what you want along the way.

* You probably already understand the benefits of using radio to push ticket sales.

* You have a budget but want to make sure you are getting the best value from it.

Why Choose EMM?

We work with different sized events, from club nights to festivals and nationwide stadium tours and all budget sizes, from £100 to £whatever you like!

In a nutshell, we're like an extension to your marketing department; specialising in radio, building bespoke campaigns and sourcing best value for your budget, so you sell more tickets.

You're in Control

You tell us how you want us to work. We work for you.

Added Value

This is where we come into our own; we can act like your own little PR company. It's about creating the right mix of elements to profile the event, which can be more than just air-time; it could be competitions, on-sale announcements, live reads, interviews or profile online. The list is endless.

Best Deals

We get the best rates and pass them on to you.

Saves You Time

We go out into the market for you and research all the options for your event. We then manage everything for you; from on-sale to settlement.

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